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Andrew Lawrence Salad 
aka pen name Andrew Lawrence

Andrew has extensive experience in sales and marketing and finance, having worked at Wall Street investment bankers and dealers, large commercial banks, an international marketing firm based in London, and businesses on both US coasts. During his Wall Street career he received a standing ovation from co-workers for making a difficult $5 million sale ($20 million in today’s money) in a difficult market. He also managed investment trading portfolios of $400 million ($1.8 billion in today's money), and after Wall Street, in international marketing and sales, he was instrumental in internationally and culturally presenting the 1984 Olympic Games as well as being a fundamental part of the renovation of the Statue of Liberty.

Later in life he became the author of more than 20 life improvement books, books that can improve your life – fast. He is a member of the Non-Fiction Authors Association.

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Contact: andls (at) aol.com