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The Happiness Transformation book has now been converted to the Happiness Booster Shot. No, it's not a medical procedure or a needle in the arm. It's words, education, and practical priceless knowledge you can use right now. Yes, this book shows individuals how to be happy - NOW, and for the rest of their life. Yes, it works. Real happiness. The book has now been edited, revised and converted into the Happiness Booster Shot (50 pages) and is available as a pdf

 Here are some free excerpts (what your employees will be reading)



This pdf was written to help people be happy. To be happy now … and for the rest of their life.

It contains true and simple secrets of how to be happy. Today. Now. Is it possible to be happier? Is it possible to be happy in spite of your circumstances?  Yes, it is!  Does it work?  Yes, it does!  Can YOU do it?  Yes, you can!  The Happiness Booster Shot can transform your life. It can make you a happier person, not in weeks or months, but today. And for the rest of your life.  

It contains the truths of how to be happy, truths which took a lifetime to uncover. These universal truths have worked for me for more than 3 decades … and they can work for you!

All that is asked in return for revealing the secrets of happiness and transforming your life is that you be happy, and pass it on; help others be happy. Do that and, together, we can make the world a happier place.

Be happy. Stay happy. 

Stage 1

Prepare for Happiness

The world’s biggest problem?

¨ poverty

¨ hunger

¨ disease

¨ pollution

¨ overpopulation

¨ global warming

¨ environmental abuse

¨ greed

¨ politics

¨ war

¨ materialism

¨ lack of freedom

¨ illiteracy

¨ smoking

¨ drugs

¨ stupidity

¨ other

Unhappiness is the world’s biggest problem. Unhappiness can lead to war, murder, crime, hate, envy, jealousy and other nasties. 

We can change that. We can solve the world’s biggest problem. We can make the world a better place. A happier place. How do you change the world? You change the world one person at a time. Starting with YOU. Let’s make YOU happy! NOW - and for the rest of your life. Can you do it? Yes! Do you deserve it? Yes!

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind. An emotion. A feeling. A reaction. There’s even a part of our brain where happiness is triggered. When we are happy that part of our brain “lights up“.

There are 2 types of happiness; temporary or instant happiness and overall long term happiness.  Temporary happiness occurs when something pleasant happens to us; we get a raise, a compliment, win something, etc. Temporary or instant happiness is fleeting and wears off or disappears rapidly. Temporary happiness is a short term feeling or emotion and is usually triggered by a particular event. Overall long term happiness occurs when we feel good because things are going well over a period of time and we are happy with our life. Overall happiness is a long-term feeling and is normally based on our own subjective viewpoint about our life.

The Happiness Booster Shot reveals the simple secrets about both types of happiness. The Happiness Booster Shot will reveal the simple secrets of how to be temporarily happy - now - and how to be happy long term.

The benefits of happiness

The benefits of happiness are numerous, natural and healthful. According to experts, just feeling happy can produce a tremendous lift to your spirits, can be good for your immune system, can boost your brain function, reduce stress and can open the door to attracting good things. (and can make employees more productive!)

Do you want it?

Do you want to be happy? Do you REALLY want to be happy? The reason for this question is because some people may not want to be happy or may not be ready to be happy. How is that possible? Some people may be more comfortable being unhappy, they may be used to being unhappy, their life may be built around being unhappy. Being happy, if you are not used to it, is a new feeling. It can be a little unsettling, even a little scary.

To go from unhappy to happy is a change. A big change. A good change but a big change. Your life will be different. YOU will be different. You’ll be happier. And you’ll have to get used to that. The great news it that happiness is something truly valuable, truly priceless, and is not hard to get used to.

You can’t force someone to be happy. In order to be happy a person has to allow it, has to want it. In order to be happy you have to WANT to be happy.  It sounds stupid but it’s true.

Have you had enough of being unhappy? Are you ready to give up unhappiness and trade it for happiness?  Do you WANT to be happy?  Now?  If you answered Yes you are ready to proceed.  You are ready to be happy.


Why people are not happy

There are many reasons why people may be unhappy or not happier. Maybe your life really does suck.  Maybe your spouse is divorcing you. Maybe you didn’t get the raise you wanted. Maybe your health is not as good as you‘d like.  Maybe you have good reasons to be unhappy. Maybe you’re thinking that everybody else is getting all the good stuff and you’re getting all the bad stuff.  Maybe you’re thinking that life is not fair. You’re right, life is NOT fair.  Life is not all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours and roses also have sharp thorns. Life, indeed, is not fair. And lately, maybe life has not been fair to YOU. And maybe you are not as happy as you’d like to be. And maybe your life really does suck right now. The key is the “right now”.  Right now does not mean forever (though it may feel like it). Right now only means right now. All by itself your life can turn around, can change, can get better. But we’re not going to sit around and wait for that to happen. We are going to CREATE happiness. Starting now. And it’s easier than you think.

OK, so maybe your life is not what you want it to be and you’re not happy. On the other hand, you’re not dead yet so there’s hope. Though it may feel like you’re in a box, like there’s no way out, like your life sucks and will continue to suck - know this; your life is NOT over. And, if things look hopeless - know this; miracles DO happen!  Don’t give up before the miracle, be there for the miracle. And take deep breath and relax.


Happiness is largely based on perception. From childhood we learn that our happiness is dependent on outside forces. We base our feelings on how well we think the world is treating us. In the American culture we learn that happiness may be based on how successful we are, our status in life, or maybe how much “stuff” we own, and how good or bad our partnerships, marriage and family (and work) is going. This viewpoint is often reinforced throughout our lifetime by our parents, social media, work, and society. As a result, the pressure to perform is often enormous, the pressure to be successful is often intense.  In America and around the world the happiness bar is set so high that few can attain or sustain the heights of happiness. Add to that the psychological hurts inflicted on us by circumstances and people as we go through life and it’s no wonder so many people are unhappy or not as happy as they would like to be.

All that is about to change. The good news is, with the Happiness Booster Shot, being happy is easy, it's fast and it doesn't cost you a lot of money!

Can you be happy all the time? 

No. Having an overall positive happy outlook does not mean that you will be happy all the time. The idea that you can be happy ALL the time is unrealistic. And there are situations where happiness is not appropriate; you probably don’t want to be smiling and laughing at a funeral. You could choose to do that but it also might be considered highly inappropriate.

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes you will feel sad or unhappy.  That is normal. Sadness or grief or unhappiness are common appropriate reactions to outside forces or bad things that happen to us and an appropriate time period is necessary to emotionally process and deal with these types of issues. A prolonged sustained period of unhappiness is another matter. If you are depressed or unhappy for a long time and it is interfering with your ability to function or enjoy life it is time to seek professional help. It’s time to call your doctor.  




Stage 2

Attaining Happiness

The goal of life

What is the goal of life? The goal of life is happiness. Happiness. That's what we're all seeking. That's how we're made. The goal of life is happiness. Think about it. That is what you (and everyone else) is really striving for in life. To be happy. All of us, every single one of us on the planet, wants most of all, to be happy. 

True happiness does not come from money or a big house or a luxury automobile or a face-lift or a big job or being popular or handsome or pretty or having lots of clothes or expensive toys. True happiness comes from within.

The goal of life is happiness.

It’s what every parent wants for their children. Ultimately, parents just want their children to grow up and be happy.

In the end you don’t want or need to be the richest or most powerful person you want to be the happiest person in your community.

In the end you don’t want to be the meanest nastiest person, you want to be the happiest person in your community/world.

In the end you don’t want to be one of the unhappy people, you want to be one of the happy people.

The goal of life is happiness. That goal can be reached. It can be reached NOW.

Be happy

Learn how to be happy right now…and for the rest of your life. It's easy, it's fast, and yes, it can work!

The Happiness Booster Shot shows you how. Don't delay, be happy today!