The cost of the Happiness Booster Shot is on a sliding scale basis, based on the number of employees/workers/members in your organization.

The Happiness Booster Shot can be used internally by small, medium and large organizations. By organizations that are for-profit, non-profit as well as government organizations. The Happiness Booster Shot can be used within your organization worldwide. It can also be used by you within your organization locally or nationally.

It is listed in SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory.

The minimum price is $300. See the sliding scale below

Pricing for organizations with X number of employees/members:

Under 100 employees:     $300      

100-500 employees:         $750    

500-1,000 employees:   $1,500    

Over 1,000 employees:  $2,500   

Customized front page with your organization's name on it is an additional $500.

pricing is subject to change without notice

Upon payment, I provide you with the Happiness Booster Shot pdf, via email attachment, customized with your organization’s name if desired (+$500). I grant you copyright permission (to use the pdf internally, for your organizations’ workers or members only. Via email I deliver the finished product to your designated organizational contact. You decide and control where you want to host your Happiness Booster Shot pdf and how you wish to communicate to your employees/members regarding access to it. It takes under an bour for employees to download/read and absorb the pdf, on or off the job. Positive results for your organization can appear quickly thereafter.


For questions, or to proceed, contact andls (AT)