Want happy/happier employees? Want to boost employee productivity? Work/Life Balance? 

As the author of 20 life improvement books I updated and edited my classic book and turned it into an employee Happiness Booster Shot.

It's not a medical/needle injection, it's evolutionary revolutionary knowledge for the mind, body and soul.

Is happiness a universal human desire? Yes. Is it the ultimate goal of life, everyone’s life? Yes. Does this apply domestically and internationally? Yes. Is a happy worker a better worker? Yes. Have I converted the happiness book I wrote into a Happiness Booster Shot for organizations to use to make their employees happy/happier...and more productive? Yes. Can it also improve work-life balance in your employees? Yes.

And, now, you can quickly boost your employees' happiness - and productivity - and work-life balance with the Happiness Booster Shot! Is it also applicable to associations, unions, government workers, etc? Yes!

Why should your organization consider using this happiness boost program?

April 2024: A new Gallup poll revealed that Gen Z's main driver of happiness is finding a sense of purpose at school and at work. Is that applicable to other generations, other age groups, as well? I believe so.

It's very simple. A happy/happier employee can be a more productive employee. Or member.

The Happiness Booster Shot is applicable to ALL your employees. Or members. At every level. It is applicable to private companies, public companies, non-profit organizations, unions, et al, domestically and internationally. And, yes, even government agencies.

The Happiness Booster Shot pdf can be easily implemented by organizations, and is short, easy to understand. The document shows how people, yes, that includes employees, can be happy - now. Today. And how to be happy for the rest of their life. And now, this amazing HR tool can boost your employees'/members' happiness - and productivity - and both employees and employers can reap the benefits. Not in weeks or months but in as little as 1 hour!

Happiness and productivity

Note: the Happiness Booster Shot pdf is 50 pages and you use it for your employees to read or download.

It is listed in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory.

How To Proceed

If interested notify me and I will send you a specific direct link to the copyrighted Happiness Booster Shot pdf, hosted by me on Google Drive. You may read the Happiness Booster Shot pdf there and then decide if your organization wishes to proceed further. 

How to implement the Happiness Booster Shot:

After confidentially reading the pdf and assessing its value you can purchase my program and provide the Happiness Booster Shot to all your employees/members. As I own the sole copyright I will grant your organization copyright permission and you can provide it to your employees to read and implement it. I will provide you with a direct-from-author pdf (with your organization's name on it if you wish), and you can host the pdf online on your website or elsewhere and allow your employees to access and read it or download it. This program and its access may only be used by you for your own employees/members. Scroll down for pricing.